Valets and services

Here is a detailed list of valets and additional services that can be added to any valet, some can be done on their own such as engine cleaning or leather cleaning.


Prices depend on the size of vehicle so please contact me for a free quote, likewise if you are looking for a bespoke valet please contact me with your requirements.


To make it easier to find what you are looking for, I have split the additional services up into interior and exterior areas.


Full interior shampooing
Stain removal
Cleaning of the headlining
Leather cleaning and feeding
Pet hair removal

Paint cleansing & waxing
Engine bay cleaning and detailing
Rubber seals protected (prevents rubber from sticking and cracking)
Alloy wheel cleaning
Wheel sealants
Metal & chrome polishing
Cabrio roof cleaning and protecting
Clay bar paint work and/or glass to remove tar, road grime, paint overspray, industrial fallout etc
Sticker and graphics removal
Application of glass sealant (water repellent)

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